Mother dairy franchise

Mother dairy franchise

Mother Dairy Franchise: Dairy has become a part of Indian food culture. It does not matter whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, dairy is always present in one form or the other. It can be in the form of milk, curd, cottage cheese or just some ice cream after dinner. Mother Dairy is a brand that has made a place for itself in the dairy sector. With its wide range of good quality products, it has managed to gain a loyal customer base. By adhering to its tagline ‘Happy Food, Happy People’. Mother dairy, with its diverse range of products, has been successfully managing to cater to people of all ages and all demographics. Continuously growing at a rapid pace, the company is letting its presence known in various big cities of the country and especially in the north part of India.

Mother Dairy Franchise Cost:

An investment of 5 to 10 lakh rupees is required to become an owner of a Mother Dairy franchise. Apart from that, a franchise fee of 50,000 rupees also has to be paid by a franchisee to the company. If one wishes to open multiple units, then the cost of investment can go up to 1 or 2 crore rupees. It can also range from 2 to 5 crore rupees depending on the location and the city of the store. Other than that, the company helps with promotions, setting up the milk vending machine and the store is also kept up to date with the latest IT equipment.

Mother dairy franchise opportunity

Mother dairy franchise opportunity- a must grab business model! Safal, the Fruit & Vegetable business initiative of Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd has its origin in the Fruit & Vegetable Project established by National Dairy Development Board in 1986 for undertaking integrated marketing of horticultural produce under the brand name "Safal". Safal is the market leader in the organized fruit & vegetable retail business in Delhi NCR where it sells an average of 300 MT/day through a network of 350+ exclusive retail outlets under brand name Safal/ Safal Pure Veg. Safal Franchise model will be the best decision you take for a rewarding future!

Products Range:

Through different sub-brands, Mother Dairy manufactures and sells a varied range of products. In regards to dairy, following is a list of the products sold by Mother Dairy: Token Milk, Premium Full Cream Milk, Full Cream Milk, Toned Milk, Standardized Milk, Cow milk, Super – T Milk, Dietz Milk, Live Lite, FullYo Milk, Ultimate Dahi, Classic Dahi, Misti Doi, Lassi, Plain Chach, Nutrifit, Flavored Milk Bottles, Fresh Paneer, Butter, Cheese Slice, Cheese Spread, Cow Ghee, Fruit Yogurt, Dairy Whitener, Milkshake

Mother dairy franchise