Mother dairy franchise

Mother dairy product distributor

Mother Dairy Distributor: If one wonders whether or not to invest in the mother dairy distributor, it must be said that the margin of the mother dairy distributor is quite large. You can expect a 30% ROI from the very first year of operation and it will take around 2 years for a franchisee to break even. A person wishing to invest in a Mother dairy distributor can make a profit of around Rs 44,000 per month.

About Mother Dairy Company: “Mother Dairy” is the largest milk brand in India and Asia, marketing approximately 4.45 million liters of milk per day in 2013. Mother Dairy has 62% market share in the organized sector in and around Delhi mainly due to consistent quality and service - regardless of crisis flood, transport, strike, curfew etc. The company's quality assurance laboratory is ISO / IEC - 17025: 1999 certified by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL), Department of Science & Technology, India. This guarantees the consumer the quality and safety of the products produced and marketed by Mother Dairy.

The mother dairy process flow:

Used as a mother dairy distributor - Receipt of raw milk: Raw milk received by road / rail insulated tanker truck at very low temperature, thus maintaining the freshness of the milk. The milk undergoes more than 15 rigorous quality tests before it is accepted for milk processing. Milk produced by individual producers is checked for all basic quality parameters meeting company specifications and required standards at the respective collection and cooling centers. The milk is then supplied to the dairy units by insulated tankers.
Milk processing: Milk processing is essentially done in 4 stages.,

Mother dairy franchise